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Custom Colors

Tricky Phish prides itself on being able to create that custom color combo that suits your fishing preferences.  We will do whatever we can to replicate what you are asking for, from color, flake, plastic density and the scent.  We ask that when requesting a custom color order please send us a sample of the bait you are trying replicate.  Pictures unfortunately do not replicate well due to the picture being taken inside, outside, light conditions, etc…  Most popular colors we already have the recipe for so just send us an email and we can go from there!  

Scents available are Garlic, Coffee, Anise, Herring, Shad, Crayfish and Tricky Sauce.

We have a process called “Phish Faced”.  The flake is on the outside of the bait!  Can be done on most baits.

You will notice that custom orders are a little more price wise.  This is due to the added time it takes to create a custom color.  Thank you for your understanding.