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Hawghunters of Allentown 

Kayak Anglers of CNY 

New York BASS Nation 

Cpl Kyle R. Schneider Foundation 

Wounded Warrior Outdoor Adventures 



Tricky Phish Baits is a small home based business owned by a tournament bass fisherman.  We do carry a small contingent of Promotional Staff, however it is comprised of close family friends that have and continue to use our baits.

You are free to send a resume to [email protected].

Sponsorship with Tricky Phish Baits works on a rewards points system.  You “earn” points by helping out the company in a number of ways.  Helping out at a show, placing in tournaments and posting reviews and pictures of your wins, actually coming to the shop and helping make the baits, displaying the Tricky Phish logo, etc…  This is not a “give me free baits” company. 

If you are not willing to show up at shows, wear the logo proudly and use our baits consistently, please do not waste our time asking for sponsorship.  I personally keep records of who buys what, so please do not send a resume stating you have used our baits for years … we’ve only been open for  a couple years and I cannot find your “order” anywhere. 

If you are not ACTIVELY fishing a STATE BASS Nation, FLW trail, BFL, Rayovacs, the OPENS, etc… again, please do not ask for sponsorship. We want competitive bass fishermen promoting our products.

Asking for sponsorship is a commitment to growth, both for yourself and the company.  Understanding both sides of that picture will get you places…  Tightlines!