Check out the New Baits!!
Tricky Phish has added three new baits to it's arsenal!  The bounty Hunter, Kilted Scout, and the Hot Shot! There's also a new size choice for the Small - E! They are in the Bait section, go check them out! ..
Laminates coming
I am able to increase my pouring process by a large margin starting next week.  Demand has been steadily increasing and that's always a good thing! Currently Laminates are a custom order option only, however that is about to change! Starting 1 April 2016 I will have laminates ready in all baits except for the Jerky Phish.  It may take awhile longer for them to appear on the website, once I get the photos taken and sent to the webmaster, we'll get them added! A lot of you have been asking ....it's coming!    ..
Tricky Phish Hats
People asked for hats ...so we have hats!  Boy are these babies comfortable.  That Tricky Phish logo sure is an eye catcher!  Pick one of these up and start showing off your Tricky Phish loyalty! FLEX-FIT   Grey hats are Large-XL fit, Black are Medium-Large fit. Prices are $25 each.   ..
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